Coupé Internation Vol. 2

Aaron Zulpo


The concept of this exhibition project by Michael Strasser, entitled Coupé International, zeros in on exactly the capability of getting to know two artistic positions from different backgrounds in a new and enriching way, through a curated juxtaposition. In case of Johann Lurf ( lives in Vienne, Austria) and Gina Telaroli (lives in new York City, USA), two oeuvres meet, which because of their different aesthetics perhaps communicate little with each other at first glance. Lurf’s films are often of a formal austerity and reduction, comparable to trends of the so-called structural film; Telaroli’s work are characterized by their accumulative approach, both in terms of the often appropriated source material and the multiple editing processes. What certainly unifies Lurf and Terlaroli in their artistic approach, is their knowledge of technical contingencies and the possibilities of cinematic express, which both virtuously implement in their work. The use of found footage in this context can be seen as an indication of their reference to film history/ ies and also for their awareness regarding the historicity of the audiovisual media. In case of Lurf and Telaroli so it is a preoccupation with film, which – in their self-referential, media reflexive practice – always have knowledge of their specific potential of this art form.

Exhibition Dates

Mar 27 - Apr 25

Contributing Artists