the imperfect being possibility

Aaron Zulpo


This exhibition, the imperfect being possibility, is an installation of elements, sculptural in nature, recently composed by Auguste Garufi. The artist continuously examines his own body of work, as a set of exchanges, in the aim of compiling assemblages that not only reference the work itself but also act as a foundation to further build and construct relationships with their surroundings. He collects fragments from his own writings, his photographs and other materials, and combines each element, as historical remnants or artifacts, into a new composition, an impalpable source of spirit.

His work is a continuation of natural experimentation. The forms represent a history of mutation via trials of curiosity, and in essence, as the work is being exhibited it is continuing the process of having its perceived characteristics altered, allowing for moments of inspiration.


Exhibition Dates

Jan 12 - Feb 15

Contributing Artists