Johann Lurf

Aaron Zulpo

Johann Lurf (born 1982) is one of the youngest representatives of the Austrian experimental film.

Vision machines which not only uncover the structure of the images they produce but also subject them to scrutiny: This definition describes the ten short films by Johann Lurf, ranging from extremely focused studies on movements and places to conceptual foundfootage montages. To disrupt conventional modes of perception and produce new ways of seeing, Lurf builds systems based on mathematical formulas. VERTIGO RUSH combines tracking shots with zooms moving in the opposite direction, generating a frenetic, hallucinatinatory scenario of transgression of all boundaries in a similarly virtuoso fashion, RECONNAISSANCE relies on telephoto shots of a former military test plant – with the result that parts of the site look animated as if by an invisible hand. ENDEAVOUR uses NASA footage of a space shuttle launch to generate a thoroughly rhythmical staccato of images, beaming the spectator into zero gravity, and back to earth again. Moreover, Lurf keeps zeroing in on given building peculiarities of Vienna’s urban hinterland, to which A to A and PICTURE PERFECT PYRAMID bear vivid structural testimony.


reconnaissance_1A film still from Reconnaissance, 2012


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