Fish Served in Satin Slippers

Aaron Zulpo



Project:ARTspace is proud to present Andie Dinkin in her first New York solo exhibition, Fish Served in Satin Slippers.  Dinkin, a Los Angeles based artist, is known for her pen and ink drawings of decadent crowds produced from imagination. In Fish Served in Satin Slippers, Dinkin creates crowds within surrealist motifs to satirize the grotesque nature of our current state of world affairs.


On the first day of Trump’s presidency, Dinkin found herself writing “the inferno is here”.  This became the impetus for her use of Dante’s Divine Comedy as a metaphor for the world’s wellbeing.  The Inferno, Purgatorio, and Paradiso became subject for the exhibition.  Over the course of nine months, Dinkin masterfully created three large pen and ink drawings on paper.  Filled to the brim with an obsessive attention to detail, Dinkin’s humorous drawings are made up of scenes within scenes that are thematically held together. With her choice of subject combined with her style her work closely relates to pieces by Hieronymus Bosch and Peter Breughel. Each were known for their satirical displays of Christianity and the modern day.


Dinkin’s approach to her subject, as her title suggests, is with humor. The title The Fish Served in Satin Slipper is the name of one of Salvador Dali’s Dream Dishes. Like a dream, Andie uses both the imaginary and real to create a world ripe for metaphor and satire. This is aided by her hypnotically eloquent compositions and drawing style. In Dali’s Holiday Feast a drawing inspired by Purgatorio, the characters are practicing sinful indulgences, neglecting respect for their time of repentance. Despite being one step from permanent residency in Hell, the characters satiate all their desires, such as sex, food, and mischief, which is catered by their animal and demon hosts. It’s decadent on a grand scale with hundreds of figures packing the composition each with their own absurd story, and each drawing is as opulent as Dali’s Holiday Feast.


Andie Dinkin studied illustration at Rhode Island School of Design and graduated from their illustration department in 2014.  Dinkin has exhibited in New York at Christie’s Gallery 1 and Society of Illustrators. She has also exhibited in Berlin at Johanssen Gallery. Dinkin is known for her commissions for companies and individuals. Some of her clients have been for Stein Erikesen Residences, Design Miami and DDG partners. Dinkin will be exhibiting at the end of 2018 at PULSE Miami Beach with Project: ARTspace.


Exhibition Dates

Oct 25 - Dec 01

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