Particulate Matter

Aaron Zulpo

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Particulate Matter

Project ARTspace

Opening Reception: Tue, March 19, 7-9 pm 

March 18th till April 28th, 2019

Curated by Nancy Baker and Etty Yaniv

Featuring artists: Jaynie Gillman Crimmins, Beth Dary, Liz Jaff, Antonia Perez, Suzan Shutan, Nancy Baker and Etty Yaniv

“Particulate Matter” features the work of seven NYC based installation artists who subsume their practices around ephemeral and singular objects, reproduced in diverse, meticulous, and ingenious ways. The one becomes the many, and the authority of gradual accumulation informs the process of these artists. In a rigorous accretion process, each of these artists creates intricate and layered pictorial patterns based on repetitive, discreet forms, altogether expressing a powerful act of ownership and dedication to methodology.

In her series of meticulous and modular paper-based wall-reliefs Jaynie Crimmins manipulates promotional mailings from government representatives, advertising, and bills. After shredding them to uniform size, she engages in a rigorous practice of separating colors, rolling, or sewing. Ultimately the fragments still reveal traces of their cultural origin – once a means of communication, their messages are obscured to promote her own.

Beth Dary explores the liminal space between nature untouched by human intervention and the “new nature” we have created. By employing diverse material ranging from Porcelain to found material, she draws upon nature in transition due to culture’s destabilization of the environment – Bubbles of ancient CO2 captured in Arctic ice; mottled primordial landscapes that, in the wake of Hurricane Katrina, grew inside houses; fractal patterns formed by the liquid contaminants in urban runoff.

Liz Jaff uses in her paper installations minimal geometry to explore memories of time and space. She rigorously explores the structural and aesthetic possibilities in ephemeral materials. Combining these with abstraction and repetition of architectural and natural forms, Jaff creates environments and objects that convey the specific feeling and character of a place or event.

Antonia Perez situates her work in the colors, patterns and geometries of domesticity and a throwaway culture. Her materials reflect her on-going interest in fibers and textiles – their design, their importance in culture and art canon, as well as their crucial role in environmental concerns.

Suzan Shutan’s vibrant installations distort dimension, alter optics and challenge our perception of how image and meaning fuse. Throughout the process of collecting and manipulating objects from daily life, she contemplates and reconfigures communicative behavior into meaningful patterns and structures.

Nancy Baker interweaves mathematical and typographical data in her intricate paper-based constructions. Her material runs the gamut – from sprayed, scraped and gouged digitally printed hand and laser cut geometric shapes to polystyrene, glitter, gold leaf, and printed commercial matter. Drawing on geometry of fundamentals, Baker’s forms interlock into elegant configurations.

Etty Yaniv forms in her dimensional mixed media installations complex mindscapes which blur the line between the real and the imagined, the organic and the artificial.

Project ARTspace was created in 2011 as an inter-disciplinary creative project space in a corporate setting – part of a law firm with an impressive history of art collection and a mission to support art and artists’ projects.

Exhibition Dates

Mar 18 - Apr 28

Contributing Artists