Aaron Zulpo


DEC 1 – 4, 2016

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Project: ARTspace presents an exhibtion of two-dimensional works by three New York artists who have each show at Project: ARTspace: Amy Lincoln, Kevin Sudeith and Aaron Zulpo

Amy Lincoln paints idealized natural environments. Influenced by Henri Rousseau and a mix of imagery she’s accumulated from travels, her landscapes and plants are electrifying and maybe a little monstrous.   Her use of vivid colors, simple rendering, and imaginary perspective create lively and exhilarating images.   

Aaron Zulpo, a narrative painter, uses the division and alteration of space to control narrative legibility.  Zulpo, who’s works have primarily focused on urban landscapes, has recently shifted focus to American History.  Working within traditional genre, history painting, Zulpo supports the idea that a great deal of history is told through film, video and other forms of popular media.  Zulpo utilizes contemporary media tropes and popular American themes to create paintings of America’s past.  Zulpo’ paintings continue to emphasize a division of space combined with bold colors and details.

Kevin Sudeith travels across the United States documenting local cultures and icons through relief sculpture on boulders and rock faces. From the carvings, he creates prints by hand pressing wet paper onto the painted stone. There is a ting of archaeological discovery in the process of pulling a print from a carved relief.   The prints are documents that record the existence of his carvings and the hand of the artist while the rocks are designed for humanity.  Sudieth’ combination of contemporary imagery with an antiquated art form creates works that are iconic and recognizable while paying homage to our ancient history and our future through its permanency and medium..

Exhibition Dates

Dec 01 - Dec 04

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